MarsLander - ITIL 4 Simulation

In the 20th century we used ITIL® to manage our services to bring the Apollo 13 mission to the moon and safely back to Earth again. Bringing a MarsLander to Mars requires a higher level of service delivery capability.

To effectively manage the service delivery we need to be more Agile and Lean. We need to be able to manage new demands and changes rapidly, deploying quickly and safely. The ITIL® capabilities are still relevant but must be more responsive to the demands for more rapid changes – the words Agile Service Management enter the conversation. But what does that mean?

To fulfill all the demands of the customer, IT Teams must quickly respond to new business requests and deliver fast, reliable, safe, error free solutions. The way we need to work on the MarsLander mission is new. We are learning as we go. At the same time we are more and more dependent upon an eco-system of partners and suppliers who must also be aligned and flexible to changing needs.

We also need to work in multi-disciplinary teams to share knowledge, reduce handoffs, prevent mis-communication and ensure all are aligned to realizing customer needs and to increase the flow of work.

About MarsLander

The mission of your team is clear:

Launch a rocket with the MarsLander on board, bring it to Mars and collect valuable data for Universities and Research Centers.

Your challenge is to support the Mission Center, helping ensure they are able to achieve all mission goals. The Mission Director is managing the Mission Center and leads a team consisting of Flight Operation, Navigation and communication experts. These specialists manage the flight plan of the mission in accordance with mission goals and contractual agreements with the customers and suppliers.

The Mission Support Team consists of Support Engineers, Test Engineers and Change Management. They will resolve all issues that occur during the mission. The Development Team develops and maintains applications, features and application fixes. Vendors support them with data communication and storage services. The Service Manager will manage the design, delivery and improvement of the services.

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