Challenge of Egypt - Agile Project Management Simulation

Still 70% of projects fail. Figures may vary accross industries and based upon who and how the research is being performed. But however you look at it the figure is too high. Why? We trained our employees, employees passed the PRINCE2® or Agile/Scrum certification.

We implemented the Project Management framework but we still run out off budget, finish too late, Risks weren’t well managed, the final result isn’t what was required.

About the Challenge of Egypt™

Scenario We are in ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh asked the leader of the steering group to build a  Pyramid to secure his journey to the afterworld. This being essential for his eternal existance. The steering group assigns a Project Leader and a project team to execute the project. The team has to deal with all kinds of events and set backs to keep the project within Scope, Quality, Budget and Time. This requires managing work packages, managing risks, managing tolerances and all those other best practice project management processes and procedures. But be prepared. The Pharaoh comes with other issues and has other ideas which may impact the project.


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